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IT Transformation Workshop
Accelerating your delivery of IT as a service

IT Transformation Workshop

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EMC IT Transformation Workshop
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Begin your move to IT as a service (ITaaS) with an EMC IT Transformation Workshop. This advisory service looks at the current and desired state of your applications, operating model, IT services strategy, and infrastructure. Then we analyze the results and provide a benchmark report you can use as a starting point.

You’ll understand the gaps in your organization’s readiness and get recommended actions you can take to achieve your transformation.

The IT Transformation Workshop is delivered by EMC Global Services. We’ve designed this workshop for your CIO and direct reports responsible for IT strategy, applications, operations, and infrastructure.

Business Challenges

New markets, disruptive technologies and fresh competitors present unprecedented opportunities in today’s global business world. Nimble enterprises are capitalizing on these opportunities, establishing firstto-market positions that are difficult for others to challenge.

However, many IT organizations struggle to keep pace with this rapidly changing marketplace. They find that their line-of-business clients are increasingly impatient and dissatisfied with the services they deliver and frequently bypass IT to directly consume services from cloud providers in order to meet their time-to-market and cost objectives.

Leading IT executives are realizing that they need to fundamentally redesign their application, infrastructure and operating models to remain competitive in the marketplace of IT services. EMC® can help accelerate this transformation, enabling organizations to deliver IT services more rapidly and become a more agile business partner.

Service Description

The EMC IT Transformation Workshop accelerates your ability to deliver IT as a service and become a broker of private and public cloud services to the business. It helps you identify gaps in your current state and provides recommended steps for your transformation. A pre-workshop questionnaire gathers the perspective of your business and IT stakeholders on key IT goals and challenges. Based on your answers to the questionnaire, EMC will prepare a gap analysis, benchmarking your organization’s transformation readiness against your industry peers. Also, based on the gaps identified, EMC develops a set of recommendations tailored to your situation, including a projected return on investment (ROI) analysis. Then, during a half-day on-site session, our team of transformation experts works with your key IT executives to:

  • Review the results of the gap analysis and benchmark data
  • Discuss the recommendations and review the financial impact of executing them
  • Prioritize next steps and gain consensus among your executive team

tranformation report

After the workshop, EMC will provide you with a transformation report that includes an executive-level summary documenting the workshop results as well as the benchmarks showing how your organization compares to the best peers in your industry across your application, infrastructure and operating models, along with recommendations for next steps you can take to achieve your transformation objectives.

Summary Of Benefits

The EMC IT Transformation Workshop accelerates your transformation to becoming an agile business partner. By highlighting the key requirements for your IT organization to transform itself into a competitive service provider, you’ll gain speed in deploying IT as a service and align your transformation program to business needs. In addition, the transformation recommended change initiatives will help you align business stakeholders and executives in your IT organization to pursue a common goal.

EMC Global Services professionals working alongside your team ensure that your transformation recommendations reflect your specific needs and business priorities. You will benefit from EMC’s experience in driving transformation for leading IT organizations around the world.

About EMC Global Services

EMC Global Services accelerates the software-defined enterprise through world-class technical expertise and service capabilities that deliver well-run hybrid clouds, big data solutions, empower ITaaS providers, and enable new digital-era applications. Our 16,000+ services experts worldwide, plus global network of partners, have the skills, knowledge, and experience organizations need to get the maximum value from their EMC technology investments—with an unending commitment to an exceptional total customer experience through service excellence.

Key Features:

  • Uses a pre-workshop questionnaire to assess your current and desired state
  • Provides a gap analysis benchmarked against your industry peers
  • Includes a half-day session to review benchmark results, validate recommendations, gain consensus, and prioritize next steps with your executives
  • Documents findings and priorities in a follow-up report


  • Understand key requirements to deliver IT as a service
  • Identify gaps and develop recommendations for closing them
  • Benchmark how your organization compares with peers in your industry on key transformation metrics
  • Prioritize next steps and review the financial benefits of executing them


IT Transformation Workshop Specifications
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Download the IT Transformation Workshop Datasheet (PDF).


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EMC IT Transformation Workshop
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